Spiritual Protection: Healing Crystals and Stones Wire Wrapped Pendant Smokey Quartz, Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, Sapphire

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Spiritual Protection: Healing Crystals and Stones Wire Wrapped Pendant Smokey Quartz, Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, Sapphire

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The ultimate high vibrational spiritual protection against all realms, things, and people. 


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Moldavite, Smokey Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Sapphire Silver Plated Wire, Divine Energy
  • Ships worldwide from United States
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This pendant comes fully charged and cleansed. It measures 3.25 inches in length. Please note that the while the crystal carries metaphysical properties, they are not promised to work for everyone and are certainly not healthcare information. 
Additional fees may apply to shipping outside of the United States. 


Herkimer Diamonds are said to be one of the best remedies for fighting pain. They can rid the body of toxins, correct imbalances, and boost metabolism. Herkimer Diamonds are very supportive to memory recall. They can also help correct eyesight. Smokey Quartz is a wonderful stone to protect your energy field with during travel. It will protect against weather conditions, road rage, traffic, accidents etc. Smokey Quartz is also a great stone to counter the negative effects of radiation of all kinds. It is a great stone to use following chemotherapy, medical radiation, sunburn, etc. Smoky Quartz is also a great pain reliever. This stone can also help you eliminate the urge to smoke and can soften the withdrawal effects while quitting smoking. Smokey Quartz can also alleviate fatigue and is a great stone for detoxification. It is said that moldavite can help with fertility issues, cell growth, hair loss, and all levels of physical healing.


If you are one who experiences "martyrdom" or personal victimization, Sapphire will help you let go of that. It will help lighten your depression so you can live to your fullest. Sapphire can also calm the mind to reduce stress. Herkimer Diamonds are very powerful in understanding the self. They help the wearer understand that there is no need to seek or desire to become someone else; that you are already the perfect being. Herkimer Diamonds can also help you see your true self; from your fears, to your strengths. This will allow you to improve upon your flaws so you can be the best person you can be. Smokey Quartz is a great stone to use following emotional trauma to assist you in the energetic cord cutting process. Visualize the etheric threads that attach you to the ones who hurt you; visualize cutting those threads. Now with Smoky Quartz, visualize his stone replenishing your trauma with light and taking the negativity away. Use this stone to prevent further damage. Moldavite is very powerful for healing the heart. Many may feel it surge through their heart. Brings a newfound relationship with yourself and others. 


Sapphire is a stone of wisdom and knowledge. It is a great stone for introspection and expression. Sapphire also can help direct insight throughout your daily life. Sapphire is a great stone for speaking your truth and seeing the truth. Herkimer Diamonds are great for releasing judgments and fears. They also stimulate relaxation to the mind. They are great at improving memory and retaining information. They help bring clarity and brilliance. These crystals will help you become more knowledgeable. Smokey Quartz is a great stone to use when faced with doubt and worry during chaos. This stone helps ground you so you can feel safe. This stone can also help realign scattered energy. Moldavite can raise your vibration and help you handle transformation with ease. This stone can also promote clarity. 


Moldavite is a very protective crystal and very powerful. (I cannot spend too much time with this one!) It is very useful for developing psychic abilities. It can promote synchronicity in your life. It creates a very strong vibration - tingling, warmth, etc. It brings transformation and shifts in the physical world and on your own spiritual and personal journey. It can help you connect with other worlds and realities. Smokey Quartz is a great protection stone of all kinds especially during psychic work. It will maintain protective energy and deflect negativity. It can also help protect you against EMFs. Use this stone to help ground you during meditation. Sapphire is said to help activate parts of your dream state to assist with out of body experience, astral travel ,lucid dreaming, etc. If you experience significant messages in dreams, you can wear a Sapphire to help you understand what these messages or symbols mean. Sapphire is also a wonderful stone to wear when attempting to contact your Guardian Angel. Sapphire will help you on your spiritual journey by teaching you to let go of toxicities and to look within. Herkimer Diamonds are known as the “attunement” stone. They stimulate clairvoyance and clairaudience. They can also promote telepathy. Herkimer Diamonds make great tools for astral travel, dimensional shifting, and explorations to expanded reality. These crystals will help you send and receive energy. For those who work in a field of healing, this crystal is great for you to work with.