Sacred Energy Cleansing Kit: Herbal and Crystal Goodies in Mandala Box to Cleanse and Purify Your Sacred Space

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Sacred Energy Cleansing Kit: Herbal and Crystal Goodies in Mandala Box to Cleanse and Purify Your Sacred Space


A beautiful mandala box containing cleansing, purifying, and good-energy-baring items is the perfect way to refresh and renew the energy in your sacred space. 


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Wooden Box, Mesh Pouch, Selenite, Himalayan Salt Cube, Palo Santo, Loose Sage
  • Ships worldwide from United States
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These cleansing boxes are to be used around your entire home, yourself, your healing crystals, your office, or anywhere you like. Each item in the box contains its own purifying energies that can be used in ritual, ceremony, or just to de-stress. If you or someone you know is moving into a new home, these boxes are highly recommended to help bring the energy to a state of newness and purity. 

An order will include a Selenite Stick approximately 3 inches long, a 2" Himalayan Salt cube, loose sage, and a 2" palo Santo stick. You can use these tools around your home to guarantee a clean and pure space and energy for you, your crystals, your home, your office, or wherever you desire. The uses and properties of each product are written below.  The value of these items is roughly $15.

About Selenite

Selenite is great to put in the corners of your home, by your door, or below your bed to keep your Sacred Space clean and pure. Selenite can also be used to cleanse the energy of your other crystals. You can use Selenite over your body or around your head in a sweeping motion to cleanse any stress, anger, or negative energy off of your energetic field. You can place Selenite on or around your crystals to clean the energy of your stones. Selenite by the door can promote a cleared energy of all who enter, and can ward negative energies away from your home. Selenite below your bed can guarantee sweet dreams and will restore your energy upon waking up.

About Himalayan Salt

 Himalayan Salt is filled with negative ions, which are the good ions for you. Having this salt in your home will help infuse your surroundings with these negative ions to defeat the positive ions which are harmful for sleep, mood, focus, concentration, and more. You can hold the himalayan salt on an area where you are experiencing pain and it will help combat pain. Holding himalayan salt will also infuse your body with the negative ions it may be lacking which can help improve your focus and concentration, mood levels, stress levels, and any damage caused by EMF's, radiation, or geographic stress. Himalayan Salt is especially useful when heated for purifying the air. When it is heated, it absorbs moisture; in doing so, it gathers dust, dander, smoke particles, etc - anything that makes it hard to breathe. This means your himalayan salt can help you combat allergies, asthma, difficulty breathing, coughing, sinus pressure, and more. I have salt cubes placed in my shower so when the steam rises and meets the salt, my sinuses are being cleared throughout my shower. You can also place these on a wax melter or oil burner to help them get heated in any room of your home. 

About Sage

Sage is a natural antibacterial for the air. Like himalayan salt it can purify the air, but in a different way. It has been said in several studies that sage smudging reduces bacteria such as e.coli and other fungal activity. Sage has also been used since ancient Indigenous, Asian, and European cultures as a ritual cleansing tool. Some believe sage can help connect you to spirits, but it is mostly used to cleanse energies and restore them to purity. Sage, like Selenite, can be used to cleanse your own energy, the energy of stones, or the energy of your home. It has a wonderful smell that is instantly relaxing. Burn it in a shell or safe dish like incense. You can walk around with it or leave it beside you when it is time to relax. 

About Palo Santo

Palo Santo is Spanish for "Holy Wood". It comes from a tree grown in South America. It is related to myrrh,, frankincense, and copal - but it has a very unique smell. Many people love the grounding scent of Palo Santo. Palo Santo was used to treat common colds, inflammation, mood disorders like anxiety and depression, inflammation, grief, headaches, stress, and in some cases even cancer at a time. Palo Santo can bring a good vibration, relaxation, and a very intense stress relieving energy. Sage clears the bad energy away, and Palo Santo fills the void with good vibes. 

The boxes were designed by Ashley Chase, freehand wood-burn artist. Each one is a one-of-a-kind unique mandala design. The boxes are 3.5" x 3.5" and 2 inches deep. They are the perfect boxes to keep all of your treasures in (and even have room to spare for the treasures you may already have!!) They stay shut with a small magnet so your beautiful metaphysical trinkets won't fall out of sight. 
To see more of Ashley's work, please head over to Chase The Creations' shop on etsy.