Pain Healer: Amber Healing Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendant

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Pain Healer: Amber Healing Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendant

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Reduces pain, promotes digestive health, awakens creativity.


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Silver Plated Wire, Amber, Divine Energy
  • Ships worldwide from United States
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This pendant comes fully charged and cleared. This pendant is 1.75 inches long. Please note that the while the crystal carries metaphysical properties, they are not promised to work for everyone and are certainly not healthcare information. 
Additional fees may apply to shipping outside of the United States. 

Emotional Healing of Amber

Amber is a healing crystal that can help with blocking and transmuting negative energy. This healing crystal is believed to help with courage and has been associated with courage since ancient times in Asian Cultures. Amber can promote a sense of empowerment when in a situation where you feel you are being suppressed or treated poorly. Amber can awaken your personal strength and can help you get in touch with your personal identity.  

Mental Properties of Amber

This healing stone is a go-to crystal when you need a confidence boost. Amber helps you stand up for yourself and rids fears that stand in your way.  Your personal energy will shine bright with the help of this healing stone. It eliminates any worry or doubt and can help you overcome a loss of power. You can think strong thoughts and say YOU-POSITIVE things with this stone. It can also help you ignore the doubts and worries about yourself set by others. 

Spiritual Healing Properties of Amber

Amber is typically associated with the Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra. This is said to be a wonderful healing stone for Zodiac Sign Cancer. This healing stone is also a great tool for exploring past lives, past life regression, and healing past life karma and trauma. Because Amber forms around trees and insects and life - it carries an intense life force energy like no other. You can use this crystal to connect to the life around you and use this energy for healing yourself and others. This crystal is also a very powerful aid for transformation and personal growth. 

Physical Healing Meaning of Amber

Amber is said to help reduce pain. It is my personal go-to crystal for healing pain of all kinds (from my TMJ pain to sciatica!!) This healing stone is also said to help support the digestive system including healing kidney stones, indigestion, intestinal issues, gout, etc. This healing stone can completely boost your energy so you feel good all day. Wearing this crystal will help you stay awake and focus on tackling difficult tasks.