One Selenite Stick Healing Crystal


One Selenite Stick Healing Crystal

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Cleansing of all nearby energies, including itself. Invites divine/angelic protection. 


  • Healing Crystal
  • Material: Selenite (form of gypsum, do not get wet.)
  • Ships worldwide from United States
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This listing is for one raw Selenite Stick. Because it is raw and a very soft material it does powder off just a little bit. Also do not get this crystal wet or it will dissolve. The sizes vary from 3 inches to 5 inches. I will choose the stone you receive but feel free to message me with requests. These Selenite Sticks are a bright white, that sometimes appear to glow in the right light. Selenite is a form of gypsum, containing levels of salt so if you get it wet it will dissolve or become pumice-y.  
Please note that although these stones may carry natural elements to help you heal, they are not promised to work for everybody. Please note they are not prescriptions and medical advice may better suit your needs. 
This crystal is a great activator for the heart and higher heart chakras. Specific properties are listed below by physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual uses; as well as information on my custom wraps. 

Selenite is amazing for the health of the physical body - anywhere from an illness, to a bruise, and it is even said chemotherapy patients can benefit from the powers of Selenite. This is because the crystal is said to restore and rejuvenate the body to its original state. Its spiritual powers cleanse the aura, its physical powers heal the body.  

Selenite can replenish the emotional state by cleansing factors that bring about negative emotions. Selenite brings the heart to a state of balance, peace, and calm by cleaning stress, sadness, and anger. Hold one when you feel bombarded or overwhelmed and feel the burdens leave your body one by one.  

Selenite can repair the mind's natural ability to function by clearing it of things that are less than important. It can also open up your mind to spiritual information and knowledge.  

Selenite has the power to connect you to divine realms and send the angels to guide and protect you. It also has the ability to clear its own energy, as well as your energy, the energy of other crystals, the energy of a room or space, etc. This healing crystal is an essential to every collection!

Meditating with this stone, wearing it, carrying it, sleeping with it are all ways that you can spend time with this crystal to feel its energies. Any way you can incorporate this crystal into your life will help you activate its properties. 

You can choose to customize this stone into one of my one-of-a-kind wraps (to wear as a necklace). When ordering a stone wrapped it will be in silver plated wire, by channeling your energy into the stone. By listening to the energy of the stone and my connection with your energy, I can make a piece that you will love. Please send me a message if you would like more details or any requests on designing the wraps.