One Apatite Med. Polished Healing Stone


One Apatite Med. Polished Healing Stone

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For weight loss, appetite suppressant, jewelry making, elixirs, meditation, bedside stone. 


  • Handmade item
  • Material: Polished Apatite
  • Ships worldwide from United States
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This listing is for one tumbled Apatite stone. The sizes are all around one inch. I will choose the stone you receive but feel free to message me with requests. Apatite is a gorgeous stone colored deep teal, sometimes with yellow or brown inclusions. This stone is a calcium phosphate. 
Please note that although these stones may carry natural elements to help you heal, they are not promised to work for everybody. Please note they are not prescriptions and medical advice may better suit your needs. 
This crystal is a great activator for the throat chakra. Specific properties are listed below by physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual uses; as well as information on my custom wraps. 

The physical healing benefits of Apatite are endless, and especially beneficial for those dieting, looking to lose weight, wanting better nutrition, or seeking good health. Apatite helps balance the electrolytes in the body and also helps balance the absorption of food during the digestive process. This stone also helps strengthen tooth enamel and bone minerals. It works the same for plants as it does for humans, so put this stone in your garden to assure your plants are getting proper nutrients! This stone is a wonderful appetite suppressant on both an emotional and physical level. This stone is great to use as an elixir, more details below. 

Apatite's emotional benefits are almost directly related to the physical benefits. As an appetite suppressant, it helps you become conscious of emotional eating by helping you target the triggers that cause you to eat. This will allow you to break that cycle. 

Apatite is very useful for helping you clear unneeded thoughts and confusions from your mind. When you are overwhelmed, this stone will help you process thoughts and concepts that you may be finding too hard to grasp. 

Apatite is a great stone when communicating with spirit guides, ascended masters, and other interdimensional beings. Because of its absorption properties, it will help information assimilate into your life. 

As previously mentioned, this is a great stone to use as an elixir. By putting this crystal in water and drinking the water, you are able to internalize this crystal's energy to better feel its health benefits. You can also meditate with this crystal, hold it when you feel an emotional eating episode coming, sleep with it, or carry it with you. 

You can choose to customize this stone into one of my one-of-a-kind wraps (to wear as a necklace). When ordering a stone wrapped it will be in silver plated wire, by channeling your energy into the stone. By listening to the energy of the stone and my connection with your energy, I can make a piece that you will love. Please send me a message if you would like more details or any requests on designing the wraps.