Finding Solutions Distance Intuitive Guidance Reading

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Finding Solutions Distance Intuitive Guidance Reading


Do you wish to solve a challenge in your life? This three card spread using light energy, oracle cards, and intuition can help you find guidance.  


  • Intuited Service sent to Email
  • You will receive: a written description of the truth behind your challenge, the reason for the predicament you are in, and a solution or way to go about conquering what has recently been troubling you. 
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How will I find love? How can I get through this problem at work? How can I combat this illness? If there is a problem in your life, this reading may help you find a solution. 

You will receive the results of your reading to the email you provide after filling out the form in your cart. 

I am a Certified Crystal Healer with natural intuitive abilities involving healing stones and Divine Energy. I use oracle cards as a medium to help engage Divine Energy with your energy, as well as crystals and my own intuition, to help you find solutions to the challenge you are facing. This reading will help you find the truth or underlying cause to your situation, how you can go about conquering it, and the outcome or solution. Readings can help offer guidance when you feel stuck, uneasy, or lost. Knowing how to conquer life's challenges can help you transcend on your journey. Each reading will be about 250 words, about two paragraphs of information. It will very briefly explain what message was brought to you (as well as a few alternate meanings!). I will also use my knowledge of crystals to help recommend a crystal to help act as a catalyst to positive results. 

Don't be scared! My energy is focused on the light. I want to help you conquer your challenge with strength, confidence, and the divine forces by your side. 

As I am required to say, all readings are for entertainment purposes only! By filling out the form, you claim you agree and are 18 years or older.