Financial Abundance: Pyrite Healing Pendant


Financial Abundance: Pyrite Healing Pendant

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Protection, grounding, removes negativity, Root & Solar Plexus Chakras. 


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Silver Plated Wire, Pyrite, Divine Energy
  • Ships worldwide from United States
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This pendant comes fully charged and cleared. This pendant is 1.5 inches long. Please note that the while the crystal carries metaphysical properties, they are not promised to work for everyone and are certainly not healthcare information. 
Additional fees may apply to shipping outside of the United States. 

Pyrite is said to be beneficial to the digestive system. This stone is said to shield against disease. By wearing this stone you may feel more grounded and physically strong. You may be protected against illness, cellular problems, and skin issues. 

Pyrite carries a masculine energy so it helps you feel stronger. This will help alleviate anxiety and depression. It will help you overcome your fears so you will be more confident. Pyrite will also help you focus on positive thoughts and gratitude rather than feelings of unworthiness or misfortune.  

One thing I love about Pyrite is it acts as a mirror to help you look inward. This way you can see what feelings you are facing or what the emotion is behind your words; so you can get to the root of it. By recognizing what is causing negative words or emotions, you can put an end to it and live a more positive life. 

Pyrite aids the root and solar plexus chakra. This stone aligns those lower chakras so you can be more balanced and happier in your daily life. It will also help align you to higher frequencies for manifestation. It also roots your energy so you can be more grounded and connected to the earth.