Distance Crystal Healing

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Distance Crystal Healing


Distance healings can help you feel better, take away certain stresses, attract wealth or health into your life, improve your romantic or sexual life, and more!


  • Intuited Service
  • Includes: A custom healing with crystals, vibration, and herbal cleansing; a followup email. 
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In this healing, you will get the opportunity to choose three areas in your life which require the most healing and an opportunity to give more insight on your needs. I will not share or judge this information - it will only help me customize and personalize your healing to help you better. I also ask that you provide your email so I can let you know the day and time I will begin the healing. I prefer to do distance healings in the night hours so your body is at a state of peace and will better receive the energy. I will also followup with an email letting you know what may have come up during your healing, what techniques I used, and what stones I recommend. 

I am a Certified Crystal Healer who has vastly studied crystals and their properties. I also have a natural intuitive ability in regards to healing stones. By choosing to receive this healing, you are ready to alleviate pain areas in your life, take the next step on your journey, release old habits, or feel renewed. You may experience a shift, you may not "feel" the benefits at all. Just know that my crystals, Divinities, and me are all working together to bring you light, love, and all the healing the universe can offer. This healing combines vibration, herbal cleansing, and the power of crystals.

Prepare to feel better, less stressed, more abundant, or whatever you choose through the power of this healing. 

If you choose to receive another healing, you can come back in a week, a month, or whenever you feel it is needed. 

Thank you! Namaste. 


* By purchasing this reading you are not only giving your consent but agree that you are 18 years or older. 

** As I am required to say, this is for entertainment purposes only.