Digestive Relief: Colorless Citrine Wire Wrapped Healing Crystal

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Digestive Relief: Colorless Citrine Wire Wrapped Healing Crystal

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Promotes abundance and aids with manifestation. 


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Citrine, Divine Energy, Silver Plated Wire
  • Ships worldwide from United States
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This pendant comes fully charged and cleared. This pendant is 3 inches long. Please note that the while the crystal carries metaphysical properties, they are not promised to work for everyone and are certainly not healthcare information. 
Additional fees may apply to shipping outside of the United States.

As a tool for physical healing, this stone is great for improving digestive difficulties, bladder, and kidney problems. It can help with ailments such as constipation, gastrointestinal problems, etc. For those with eating disorders, this crystal can provide great healing as well. 
For healing your physical world, this stone is incredible for boosting financial status. It has been known as the "merchant's stone" for centuries. Citrine is great for bringing you abundance, wealth, good fortune, prosperity, and success. For business owners, this stone will boost sales, bring customer growth, and heal any financial crisis you may be in. It will help you accept the abundance that is coming your way. 

Citrine is wonderful for increases self-confidence and joy. For those suffering with anxiety and depression, this stone will help heal those ailments. It moves you out of depression by relieving feelings of unworthiness and replacing them with a sense of courage and optimism. This stone will remove whatever is getting in the way of your own happiness. 

For mental healing, Citrine can help replace negative thoughts with positive ones. It raises your awareness and understanding to your own patterns of thoughts that are holding you back, so you can eliminate them. This stone also reminds you of the law of attraction; that what you think, believe, feel, say, and act upon will manifest. 

Citrine is very beneficial to the Solar Plexus chakra, the center of all control and power. This stone will help you become more aware of your spiritual body, to connect with higher consciousness. This stone will also remind you of the pure joy that lies in your higher self. Citrine will align you with Archangel Ariel, the angel of health and vitality, and Archangel Jophiel, the angel of inner wisdom and beauty.