Joyful Master Healer: Druzy "Titanium Aura" Quartz

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Joyful Master Healer: Druzy "Titanium Aura" Quartz

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The master healer coated in color.


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Druzy "Aura" Quartz (Coated Quartz), Silver Plated Wire, Divine Energy
  • Ships worldwide from United States
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This pendant comes fully charged and cleared. This pendant is 2 inches long. Please note that the while the crystal carries metaphysical properties, they are not promised to work for everyone and are certainly not healthcare information. 
Additional fees may apply to shipping outside of the United States. 

SPIRITUAL: Clear Quartz can help you become spiritually attuned. It can open and clear all the chakras to help you experience etheric balance, a sense of peace, and a spiritual awakening. It is a master healer, which means it can heal any ailment - physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally (you name it!). Clear Quartz cleanses the body on a deep spiritual level. This healing crystal can help awaken you and raise your vibration. 

EMOTIONAL: Clear Quartz can amplify your good moods and heal your bad moods. It purifies the emotional structure to help you feel better. This healing crystal can provide very positive energy. It alters your perception of the world so you can experience it in a more positive way.  

PHYSICAL: Clear Quartz is a master healer so it can stimulate and relieve several of the systems in the body. This healing crystal can boost the immune system, stimulate the circulatory system, stabilize vertigo, heal digestive system, boost metabolism, eliminate toxins, and more. This healing crystal can also reduce pain, injuries, bruising, and burns. 

MENTAL: Clear Quartz can alter your mind to bring clarity and ease the flow of thought. It can help you make sense of the thoughts you are experiencing. Clear Quartz can also stimulate patience and perseverance toward any given task.