Healing Crystals Every Sagittarius Needs To Have

Dearest Sagittarius, you are wise beyond your years and yet maintain the jovial disposition of a child. Truth is always what you seek and you are fascinated with life’s many questions.

Find out which healing stones are perfect for your zodiac sign, Sagittarius!

Find out which healing stones are perfect for your zodiac sign, Sagittarius!

Healing Crystals For Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

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You speak what’s on your mind and your words can sometimes pierce like an arrow, even with the best intentions at heart. Turquoise is an excellent healing stone for you Sagittarius it helps to still your ever inquisitive mind and deepen your intuition. Known as the stone of truth it helps to give you confidence and compliments your style of honest communication.

Amethyst can be used to help soothe the edginess you tend to carry in your demeanor, and encourages high knowledge.

Your fiery element makes your energy active and your ruling planet of Jupiter brings luck and a joy filled nature to sun sign Sagittarius. Citrine matches Sagittarius’s positivity and gives you confidence in achieving your goals. It also gifts you with the power of manifestation and making things happen.

Lapis Lazuli helps Sagittarius tune into your inner power and stimulate your natural wisdom. This intellectually stimulating stone encourages focus and memory and is excellent for the archer’s natural inclination to philosophy.

Snowflake Obsidian brings Sagittarius some much needed grounding and balance between the mind and body. This healing crystal also gives support and relieves stress.

Sun sign Sagittarius is all about being your authentic self, Sodalite encourages you to live according to your own beliefs and promotes logic and intuition. This stone also guides Sagittarius on the never ending quest for knowledge by bringing endurance and stimulating the Third Eye Chakra.

You are a warrior for truth my dearest Sagittarius, use these healing crystals as tools for deeper understanding!

Contributed by Victoria Wolfram, a Sagittarius herself!: Healing Crystals for your Sun Sign

Crystal Assistance During Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is a period of time (three weeks, but it feels like forever) in which the planet Mercury appears to be in a backwards motion. You may notice yourself feeling groggy or tired... you may notice you are arguing a lot more with those around you or miscommunicating... you may lose track of time/days causing plans to fall through... you may even experience difficulties traveling (traffic, road rage, delays!) So even for those who may not necessarily believe in the power of the planets, we ALL can agree Mercury Retrograde is the worst. So how can you protect yourself during this planetary pain in the a$$??? The answer, as always, is CRYSTALS!  and a bit of advice... 

Mercury Retrograde Dates to Know


  • Jan 5 - Jan 25
  • Apr 28 - May 22
  • August 30 - Sept 22
  • Dec 19 (2016) - Jan 8 (2017)


  • Dec 19 (2016) - Jan 8 (2017)
  • Apr 9 - May 3
  • August 12 - Sept 5
  • Dec 3 - Dec 22


    • Mar 22 - April 15
    • July 26 - August 18
    • Nov 16 - Dec 6

    Travel Issues

    Click the photo above to purchase this pendant.

    Click the photo above to purchase this pendant.

    Travel is hugely affected by Mercury Retrograde. One of my friends always locks her keys in her car, gets a flat, whatever it may be at least 3 or 4 times during the 3 weeks Mercury is off. Personally, I experience a difference in traffic & weather conditions when I need to get somewhere. They say it is best not to travel during Mercury Retrograde but if its something you can't avoid, try rocking a Smoky Quartz or hanging one in the rearview mirror of your car. Personally, I have one hanging in my car no matter what the status of Mercury may be. Smoky (or smokey) Quartz is a great protector against negativity in all forms. Ancient & metaphysical Lore tells us that Smokey Quartz is the ideal stone to use for protection during travel. It protects against road rage, traffic, weather conditions, other bad drivers, accidents, and problems with the car itself. 


    Click the photo above to view this Aquamarine pendant on etsy. 

    Click the photo above to view this Aquamarine pendant on etsy. 

    Miscommunication and misunderstandings are much more likely to happen during Mercury Retrograde. (Good luck to those of you in relationships & brace yourselves...) However, there are so many crystals to help protect you from these mishaps. Aquamarine aids in the flow of thought and words, to help you fluently express yourself and what you need to say. It also has a very gentle calming factor. Amazonite can help you express your personal truth and can also calm overemotionalism. Amazonite is also a good stone for listening to others because it can help you discern the truth in what people say (Mercury Retrograde makes people a little difficult, but this stone can help you realize the goodness behind the words.) Every person is different and will react differently to certain crystals; so if you don't resonate with one of these crystals, check out other throat chakra stones: Blue Kyanite, Sodalite, Labradorite, Blue Opal, Chrysocolla, Blue Chalcedony.


    Check out a selection of Amethyst pendants by clicking the photo above. 

    Check out a selection of Amethyst pendants by clicking the photo above. 

    They say not to make any huge decisions, purchases, or commitments during Mercury Retrograde. However, I completely disagree. Of course you should think over your decisions carefully and obtain as much information as you can, I think if you are confident with the change you are about to make: GO FOR IT. Use a stone for intuition to guide you on what the best option is: Fluorite and Amethyst.


    Click the photo above to view these Apatite stones for sale. 

    Click the photo above to view these Apatite stones for sale. 

    Whether its because the dreaded retrograde makes us feel a little scatter-brained, travel issues, or because this odd planetary shift can send us to the strangest of places - plans are definitely subject to change. In my case, plans changing last minute causes me tons of unneeded anxiety & stress, so I have recently started carrying a Prehnite with me, a stone that helps you go with the flow. Conversely, you may want to carry a Blue Apatite which is a wonderful stone for helping you with time management. 


    Click the photo above to read more about this Quartz (& Moldavite) wrap. 

    Click the photo above to read more about this Quartz (& Moldavite) wrap. 

    This one drives me crazy, but beware of technology malfunctions during this phenomenon. This could mean your cell phone or computer randomly crash, or everything gets erased; whatever it may be - you can definitely blame Mercury for this one. A simple quartz crystal has strong influence on technology and can ensure that everything is running properly. A safer idea is to back up everything and press save over a dozen times!!

    Overall, Mercury Retrograde can affect each person differently. Depending on what your star sign is, where the phase falls in the sky, and thousands of other factors, you may not experience the same as another. I say that positive thinking is the best form of protection but you may also want to carry these protection stones: Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Black Kyanite, Labradorite. To become more in tune with the planet Mercury check out these crystals: Citrine, Agate, Opal. Good luck to you all!

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