Healing Crystals Every Cancer Needs To Have

healing stones for cancer sun sign

Healing Crystals For Cancer Sun Sign

June 22 -July 22

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Just like the comforting glow of your Lunar ruler, you Cancer are filled with soothing vibes. Add your watery element to the mix and see why your emotions ebb and flow like the tides. Cancers are the nurturers of the zodiac, they energetically ooze comfort and caring.


Moonstone is an excellent healing crystal for the lunar ruled crab, it helps to bring deeper insights into intuitive thoughts and assists in understanding the powerful shift of emotions sun sign Cancer often experiences. This healing stone also helps to restore a harmonious balance within you and promotes self-awareness.

Cancers are full of love to give, often wearing their heart on their sleeve which is why rose quartz is ideal. The nurturing energy of Rose Quartz encourages you to have self-love and helps to release pain from past heartache as well as dissipate negative energies. Rhodonite is another helpful healing crystal for you Cancer because it encourages forgiveness and helps to heal emotional scars.

The vibrant energy of Ruby helps you to realize your ambitions and passions in life and instills in you the self-esteem to pursue them.

Cancers are known to be sensitive, sometimes overly so, Chrysocolla helps to desensitize the crab and gift confidence all while drawing away negativity. It’s okay to let things go dearest Cancer, your natural tendency is to look back at life constantly reflecting on your past.

Blue Chalcedony encourages reconciliation and building of inner peace as well as encouraging Cancer to let things go and forgive. Harness these energies Cancer to help balance the tides within you!

Moonstone necklace

Moon-stone & Cancer energy.

Moonstone has got to be my personal favorite healing stone for the sun sign Cancer. It totally aligns you with the water element of your sign, and the moon - your ruling planet. It will help give you the ultimate balance, especially for your emotional body. Click below to browse some amazing moonstone jewelry. 

Contributed By Victoria Wolfram: Healing Crystals For Your Sun Sign

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Four Crystals Every Empowered Woman Needs

Empowered women are strong, tough, and dedicated. They support and help each other. They are not jealous or greedy. They are smart and wise. They are politicians, teachers, entrepreneurs, mothers. They are caring, loving, passionate, and gentle. They know what is best for themselves and those around them. They nurture the things they care most about. They are fearless and that makes them flawless. These are the kind of people that are beaming with light, and therefore many negative energies are drawn to that light. In order to nurture oneself, protect oneself, and remain empowered - these crystals may be vital! 

1. Chrysocolla - 

Chrysocolla is my first recommendation to every empowered woman for several reasons. This stone is the essence of empowerment, expression, and teaching. It gives us the ability to to dig deep into our painful experiences and teach others through sharing what we learned. It allows us to be open and expressive. It also allows us to heal the heart by letting those painful experiences serve as lessons not only to others, but to ourselves; this allows us to reopen our hearts and allow for new experiences. Chrysocolla is also great for relieving premenstrual symptoms and cramps for those days when Mother Nature is totally not cooperating with us! It is great for women expecting a child, women who just gave birth to a child, and women who's grandchildren or great-grandchildren just entered the world because it helps relieve anxieties in order to fulfill their new caregiver role. It builds confidence, insight, and the ability to encourage others. You can find the pendant in the picture here! 

2. Rainbow Moonstone

These are specimens from one of my favorite shops on etsy, TheMagickWizard. Rainbow Moonstone resonates with the Goddess energy, the deep feminine energy that stirs deep within us all. This stone helps women resonate with the spiritual wonders of the moon that help us recognize how powerful we really are. This crystal helps us realize what we are capable of as fearless, empowered women. It teaches women confidence and serenity, to soothe the anger and aggression they may have within. By helping women resonate with the moon, it helps them become less sensitive to the full or new moon. This means they will sleep better, feel better, and express themselves better during these times. 

3. Red Coral 

Red Coral is an obvious pick. It is known as the "Women's Crystal" or "The Blood of Mother Earth" because it helps women become harmonious with the elements. For anyone who feels fatigued, tired all the time, out of their body or out of control, Red Coral would be great to wear or carry because it helps us become grounded to the Earth. It revives passion and drive within us all - some of the key elements that make us empowered women! Red Coral can also be used for menstruation and fertility. It can also help restore tissues in the reproductive organs. You can find this gorgeous bracelet here

4. Rose Quartz

This pendant is from my new Summer Solstice Line on my etsy shop. Rose Quartz is perhaps my favorite stone for the heart & higher heart chakras. It brings such a loving energy - perfect to help heal any woman. This crystal is excellent for helping women see the beauty in everything, especially themselves. One thing that makes an empowered woman empowered is the fact that they do not put other women or themselves down, in fact they nurture themselves and each other to help find beauty. This is a stone of confidence, high self-esteem, and forgiveness. This stone is also a powerful aphrodisiac, allowing women to give and receive love in each and every sense. It helps us get in tune with our sexuality and our sensual side. This allows us to connect with ourselves, our hearts, and the highest feelings of love and passion. Among all these things, it can help women who are have not found their fiery, passionate, strong sides. It helps awaken our love of self and forgiveness of self. It relieves guilt, trauma, worry, jealousy, and all other negative emotions that hold us back.