How This Deadly Stone Can Actually Improve Your Life: A Guide to Malachite

Throughout history, this crystal was one of the causes of death to millions of people, but when handled correctly, it is one of the best healing stones for recovering from abuse trauma, it can help you during the birthing process, and can help improve your love life. Most people know this crystal because of its distinguishable bands and swirls of all shades of green. It is like a kaleidoscope of greens! It is also botryoidal so it resembles a grape-y texture, bubbling up in certain areas. You guessed it..... MALACHITE!

malachite killer healer and zen some


I find this so ironic because Malachite is a toxic stone itself, however it can help you detoxify your life! It can help you cut out dead-end friendships, dead-end relationships, toxic acquaintances, or bad habits and patterns. It can also help you physically and spiritually by detoxifying any EMF's or radiation you've been exposed to. 

Learning Lessons

Malachite is an excellent teacher in lessons. This makes it a great stone to carry when you are trying to heal a relationship, trying to shift your mindset, or just in general. It can help you pick up on the patterns and habits that are holding you back or are detrimental. It is a great stone for helping you to push forward, but not without true growth. 

When you wear this stone, you may suddenly see a difference in the way you think. You may suddenly start to think before you act or speak, so it is a great stone for learning cause and effect. In relationships, this stone is absolutely key because it can help you see what situations, words, or actions lead to an altercation. Many couples grow stronger with the help of this stone. Conversely, it can help give you the courage you need to push yourself out of a dead-end relationship and into a brighter future. 

Abuse Recovery

Because Malachite is such an amazing stone for learning lessons and pushing forward, it can help people understand why the abuse occurred to help them from blaming themselves. It can also help you gather the strength to grow out of fear. Many people who suffer from PTSD or have survived abuse live their lives in a state of vigilance, fear, and avoidance. This stone can help you be strong enough to live your life with a new style of confidence. 

For survivors of sexual trauma, it can get rid of a lot of the physical trauma that tends to linger. It is a great stone for the male and female sexual organs, so it can help reconnect you to your sense of sexuality so you can find pleasure in sex again. 

Malachite for trauma recovery abuse ptsd and zen some

"Midwife Stone"

Malachite is an important stone in a female's life. It can help heal the sexual organs, regulate hormones and menstrual cycles. It has been known as "The Midwife Stone" since ancient times because it can help ease the pain for women during labor and help them give birth pain free. Wearing this stone during labor or having it near you can help your body energetically fight the pain. 

!! CAUTION !! This Stone Is Toxic

Be careful when handling this stone, as it has a history of causing death! When tumbled or polished it is TOTALLY safe to touch. But be careful touching a raw piece by always washing your hands afterwards. 

In the Ancient Egyptian and Greek times and the 16th, 17th, and 18th century, it was very popular to use Malachite pigment in makeup. However, applying this green copper ore to one's face was later found to cause a series of serious symptoms, and later found to kill. 

This Emerald Green pigment was also used in paint for walls and art. Many people died because of the fumes of this paint emanating through their homes. It is said that the wallpaper in Napoleon Bonaparte's home (made of Malachite pigments) could be one of the causes of his death. (Source). 


  • DON'T use this stone for your yoni (as a dildo or yoni egg)
  • DON'T use this stone in gem water or ingest it at all 
  • DON'T inhale the dust particles of this stone (carving, drilling, etc) 


  • DO meditate with this stone!
  • DO wear this stone!
  • DO sleep with this stone!
  • DO add it to your decorative collection!
  • DO take correct sanitation procedures after handling it. 


AWESOME Malachite Products: 

Safe Malachite Jewelry

Handmade Wire Wrapped Malachite Stone Here by And Zen Some

Handmade Wire Wrapped Malachite Stone Here by And Zen Some

Remember the safety precautions of this stone, and enjoy the healing properties of Malachite! If you have any questions, please comment below. Don't forget to share this post to warn others of the dangers of Malachite, and enlighten others of its amazing benefits.

Why Everyone is Obsessed with This Healing Crystal

There is one healing crystal making its way in not just the spiritual community, but is becoming a trend everywhere. Of all the beautiful healing crystals, why is this one becoming so popular? 

The Glow of Labradorite

Labradorite has an incredible glow. Eskimo lore believes that Labradorite are fallen pieces of aurora borealis. Within first glance of this stone you can see why. This amazing healing stone glows all different colors; from shades of gold to green to blue, sometimes even pink and purple. However, like the night sky, when not met with the certain light these colors are hidden and the stone appears black, gray, or dark blue. 

Tale of Labradorite And Zen Some

The Amazing Meaning and Benefits of Labradorite

There are way too many good things to write about this stone so I had to limit myself. One of my first crystals was labradorite, and it will forever be my favorite stone. From eyesight, to the nervous system, to protection, to empathy - this healing stone is definitely one that everyone should add to their collection. It is also one that most people should be carrying around on hand at all times. 

Amazing benefits of labradorite by and zen some

Spiritually Protection & Energy Shield

HSP (or highly sensitive person) and empaths are the first to benefit from a Labradorite stone. If you find you are drained by the energies of others, take on the energies of others, get overly emotionally involved in TV shows, movies, books, media, etc. Then you might need this stone. These are all traits of empaths. Empaths and HSP's often find that those around them love to confide in them, look to them for advice, or all share painful stories. This is because these types of people are highly empathetic. It is an amazing quality - but requires lots of shielding. This stone can help you lend your compassion, while shielding your aura so the energy of others does not drain you. 

The Stone of Spiritual Awakening

There is definitely an energetic shift occurring. Several people that I meet describe this feeling and it is amazing that we can all be a part of it. Labradorite can help align you with the shift that is occurring if you are yearning to experience it. This stone encourages new age thought, heightened sense of spirituality, alignment with the Universe, Divine forces, and can even enhance communication with Spirit Guides. It opens the Third Eye Chakra. This stone can awaken your personal sense of magic and your intuition. 

Improves Relationships with Self & Others

One thing I have always found fascinating is the concept of "mirrors." Since my personal understanding of this concept, I have found that it is easier to accept, learn from, and love others. This concept is that every person you meet is a reflection of yourself. That means that everything you love about a person, is something you love about yourself or something that you share with that person. It also means that every negative judgment you have about another person, is an area in which you could improve. 

Conversely, if you find yourself being way too hard on yourself for something, you might find that other people mirror what it is that you are struggling with - and this may help you accept yourself and free yourself from the burden you put on yourself. 

Understanding "mirrors" can help you repair your ability to see others with a positive light, so you can see yourself in a positive light. Labradorite can help you reflect upon this philosophy. It allows for inner reflection and a vivid connection with this concept. 

People are rocking this stone in some beautifully wild ways!

Seriously I am starting to notice this stone ALL over. Sherwin Williams even has a paint color named "Labradorite." I've noticed people rocking phone cases and tote bags with this stone on it in public. Some of my favorite labradorite items are featured below. (the dress is my fave!) You can also find several one-of-a-kind labradorite necklaces and pendants on my shop. 

Gemstone Attire  has some amazing Labradorite gear (along with many other crystals.) I'm talking headbands, dresses, yoga pants, leggings, skirts... OMG! A crystal lovers dream. 

Gemstone Attire has some amazing Labradorite gear (along with many other crystals.) I'm talking headbands, dresses, yoga pants, leggings, skirts... OMG! A crystal lovers dream. 

Labradorite countertops as seen on @ sapphiresoul_ad  on instagram. Making a mental note for my future house.

Labradorite countertops as seen on @sapphiresoul_ad on instagram. Making a mental note for my future house.

A wine stopper. A freaking healing crystal wine stopper. I found this charm on  Steven D Evans etsy shop

A wine stopper. A freaking healing crystal wine stopper. I found this charm on Steven D Evans etsy shop

Fiery energies wrapped into wearable art by And Zen Some

Fiery energies wrapped into wearable art by And Zen Some

Beautiful and rare purple labradorite wrapped by And Zen Some. (Now on sale!!)

Beautiful and rare purple labradorite wrapped by And Zen Some. (Now on sale!!)

Labradorites and another beautiful flashy crystal  "Ammolite"

Labradorites and another beautiful flashy crystal "Ammolite"

Thanks for reading! Share your incredible labradorite experience.