Healing Crystals Every Sagittarius Needs To Have

Dearest Sagittarius, you are wise beyond your years and yet maintain the jovial disposition of a child. Truth is always what you seek and you are fascinated with life’s many questions.

Find out which healing stones are perfect for your zodiac sign, Sagittarius!

Find out which healing stones are perfect for your zodiac sign, Sagittarius!

Healing Crystals For Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

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You speak what’s on your mind and your words can sometimes pierce like an arrow, even with the best intentions at heart. Turquoise is an excellent healing stone for you Sagittarius it helps to still your ever inquisitive mind and deepen your intuition. Known as the stone of truth it helps to give you confidence and compliments your style of honest communication.

Amethyst can be used to help soothe the edginess you tend to carry in your demeanor, and encourages high knowledge.

Your fiery element makes your energy active and your ruling planet of Jupiter brings luck and a joy filled nature to sun sign Sagittarius. Citrine matches Sagittarius’s positivity and gives you confidence in achieving your goals. It also gifts you with the power of manifestation and making things happen.

Lapis Lazuli helps Sagittarius tune into your inner power and stimulate your natural wisdom. This intellectually stimulating stone encourages focus and memory and is excellent for the archer’s natural inclination to philosophy.

Snowflake Obsidian brings Sagittarius some much needed grounding and balance between the mind and body. This healing crystal also gives support and relieves stress.

Sun sign Sagittarius is all about being your authentic self, Sodalite encourages you to live according to your own beliefs and promotes logic and intuition. This stone also guides Sagittarius on the never ending quest for knowledge by bringing endurance and stimulating the Third Eye Chakra.

You are a warrior for truth my dearest Sagittarius, use these healing crystals as tools for deeper understanding!

Contributed by Victoria Wolfram, a Sagittarius herself!: Healing Crystals for your Sun Sign

Five Reasons To Meditate And How Crystals Can Help

Meditation can be an amazing tool once you understand how it works. After learning about its benefits, you'll wonder why you didn't start meditating sooner! I challenge you (no excuses!!!) to try to meditate for ten minutes each day. Bonus Points if you use a crystal! Suggested crystals are listed at the end. So here's why we meditate:

1. Changes Your Perspective of Time.

One of the biggest excuses I hear on why people don't meditate is that they don't have the time. To that I say - if you have time to lie restless in bed, binge watch netflix, or scroll mindlessly on your phone, you have time to meditate! Even if you are at work, you can take just five minutes to close your eyes and control your breathing. Even if you are in the car, you can focus on your breathing and clearing your mind. Once you are able to make the time for meditation, the false illusion of "time" you might have had before will begin to change. Suddenly you will find you are not rushing or in such a haste anymore. Meditation helps you focus on the present and live in the NOW!

2. Makes Small Problems Seem.... Small.

When I started meditating regularly, I found that little things began to bother me less and I wasn't angered so easily. Wouldn't it be nice to be a little bit happier - to not get such bad road rage, or to not get so annoyed by pesky people... When you learn to control your breathing and your thoughts, you are subconsciously training your brain to control itself - to not let thoughts get the best of you. It takes patience to meditate, right? So by teaching yourself to be patient with yourself and the process of meditation, you are ultimately becoming a more patient person. 

3. Calms That Monkey-Mind.

Monkey Mind is the fun name we tack onto out of control racing thoughts "what am I going to make for din- I forgot paper towels at the grocery store, I wonder what the weather is going to be tomor- I should probably do the laundry.." Sound familiar? Meditation is not learning how to completely shut off your thoughts but rather how to control them. It is completing one thought and bringing yourself back to a state of peace. By calming Monkey Mind, we really are able to get more done by focusing on one thing at a time and learning how to silence thoughts that are irrelevant in that moment. 

4. Regulates Energy Levels.

If you are a morning meditator, you will wake up, get your breathing and your mind on track, center yourself to a state of focus, and be ready to begin your day. If you are a bedtime breather, you will allow your body and mind to find stillness, alleviate any tension, and have a great night of sleep. If you are both - you rock!

5. Improves Physical Health.

Meditation is said to help lower blood pressure, improve the digestive system, regulate heart rate, dissipate pain, heal skin conditions, and more. How in the world does this happen? Because meditation reduces stress. Many of these ailments are side effects to stress. Once you find a way to reduce stress, you will find not only your mental and emotional health improving, but your physical health too. 

If you are finding you are having trouble meditating, you may want to pair this exercise with a crystal. Wearing these crystals during meditation can help deepen your meditative state by aligning their vibrations with yours. 

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Reach a Calm Meditative State With Amethyst

Click The Amethyst to Purchase!

Click The Amethyst to Purchase!

Look Within With Labradorite

Click the Labradorite to Purchase!

Click the Labradorite to Purchase!

Divine Connection with Danburite

Click the Danburite to Purchase!

Click the Danburite to Purchase!

Silence Thoughts With Sapphire

Click the Sapphire to Purchase!

Click the Sapphire to Purchase!

Now... Get into a relaxed position.... close your eyes... inhale while counting to four, exhale while counting to eight... Focus on nothing but the present moment, the energy within you, and the energy of love within your healing crystal.... And say with me - "Om Shanti, Shanti Om." (Peace for all beings and the universe as a whole!)

Comment with your favorite crystal to meditate with. 

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