An Upstate New Yorker's Guide To Crystal Shopping

If you're an Upstate New Yorker like me, you may have had some trouble finding the perfect spot to get your healing crystals. When I lived in the Catskills, I used to drive over an hour to shop for stones, so I understand the struggle - and yes it is real. I hope this guide can help you find the crystal shop of your dreams. 

Tushita Heaven - Saratoga Springs

My favorite!!! I used to love going to this store and would reserve an entire day to browse. The crystals this store has have a unique, beautiful, light energy. I feel as though of all my crystals, the ones from Tushita Heaven have the strongest power. The only trouble I had with this store is the prices were a little high for what I was used to seeing. However, for the quality and the energy - it was well worth the price. From tumbled stones, to palm stones, to collector's pieces - they've got it all. I was also impressed by this store's book and oracle card selection. While you're shopping at Tushita Heaven, be sure to get a reading. They get some of the best psychics and tarot readers. Tushita Heaven is also my favorite place to buy gifts; they carry several home decor items that I have gifted to others that are still absolutely treasured by them. 

Photo From  Tushita Heaven

Photo From Tushita Heaven


The best place to park is in the free parking garage located just around the corner! Tushita Heaven is full of great finds. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled so you don't miss out on anything! My favorite crystal I have brought from this store is a Fenster Quartz that has the perfect enhydro. You can literally see the water droplet move. 

The Magic Moon - Saratoga Springs

This shop is located at 15 Phila St., Saratoga Springs, New York 12866  Photo from  Yelp

This shop is located at 15 Phila St., Saratoga Springs, New York 12866

Photo from Yelp

While you are shopping in Saratoga Springs, be sure to walk around the corner to visit The Magic Moon. One thing I love about this store is their friendly staff. It is so difficult to walk into a crystal shop and be left alone while you want to browse, as some people want to be the guru and even sometimes a security officer. However, when you have a question, the customer service is impeccable and the ladies here know their stuff!

This used to be a small crowded store, but they have expanded since I last visited. While you're there, check out the dressing room! The artwork on the walls was unforgettable, feminine, and expressive. This store is amazing for purchasing candles, clothes, and of course CRYSTALS! This shop opened in the 1970's, contributing to Saratoga Springs' amazing history. 

They have some beautiful pieces behind the counter, but many items around the store that you are free to touch. Photo from  Yelp

They have some beautiful pieces behind the counter, but many items around the store that you are free to touch. Photo from Yelp

This store fills every nook and cranny with their wide variety. They have everything for the hippie, the witch, and the spiritualist. I've bought many crystals, gifts, bumper stickers, candles, and oils from here. They also have some really cute clothes - perfect for festival season! 

Tannãre - Walton

Some of Tammy's beautiful furniture! Photo from  Facebook

Some of Tammy's beautiful furniture! Photo from Facebook

I am blessed to be friends with the owner of this eclectic boutique, Tammy - a loving goddess who is tough as a nail and still has the biggest heart. Her shop is full of artisan crafts from the gorgeous furniture she upcycles and custom signs she creates, to goods crafted by local artists. There are many talented people in our small county who don't get the recognition they deserve, and Tannãre offers them a chance to display their wonderful items. From everything to unique woodcarvings, to jewelry, to custom cards (I also have a few products in her store!). Tannãre is also a great place to fulfill your natural needs. The owner creates her own line of Full Moon Elixirs: natural goods including body scrubs, laundry detergents, and my favorite - the waxing and waning body whip. 

Tannãre frequently gives back to the community by composing beautiful gift baskets to be auctioned or raffled. She recently has begun offering "Creating Chaos" classes to give the community a chance to express themselves creatively by offering art projects that you can take home (and want to take home - step aside, paint & sip!!!

Obviously this store wouldn't be mentioned if it weren't for the crystals she offers! From amazing deals on her Himalayan Salt Lamps, to beautiful tumbled stones, to spells in a jar. She sometimes carries home decor for the bohemian soul; such as beautiful dreamcatchers or tapestries. 

Props to Tannãre for bringing a bit of light into our rural community! This shop is a true hidden gem (no pun intended!) 

Located at 150 Delaware St., Walton, NY 13856.

Shop Tannãre's amazing line of Full Moon Elixir products - sugar scrubs, himalayan salt scrubs, body whip, laundry soap, and so much more! Photo from  Facebook.

Shop Tannãre's amazing line of Full Moon Elixir products - sugar scrubs, himalayan salt scrubs, body whip, laundry soap, and so much more! Photo from Facebook.

A crystal shop in the catskills!? Photo from  facebook.

A crystal shop in the catskills!? Photo from facebook.

The hidden gem of Delaware County, New York! Photo from  facebook.

The hidden gem of Delaware County, New York! Photo from facebook.

Crystal Connection - Wurtsboro

"The Church of a Thousand Crystals"    Photo here. 

"The Church of a Thousand Crystals" 

Photo here. 

This shop has gotten some awesome attention lately from Insider's video that went viral. If you missed it, you can watch it below. If you plan on checking out this shop, be sure to make a day of it because there is just so much to see. I love Crystal Connection for providing knowledge and information to the public. They offer a ton of workshops and classes. Crystal Connection is also more than a store, it a place of healing and self knowledge. While you're here try a reiki session, a reading, or even aura photography to see what your aura looks like. This shop also offers psychic fairs! 

This beautiful shop has amazing prices on crystals and an immense selection. With all the hype of this store, they truly keep their prices affordable for all to enjoy the beauty and energy of the stones. This store is for the spiritual one, the one seeking enlightenment, the one possessing magic. However, if you are just learning stones - this is a great place to start. 

The location of Crystal Connection is 116 Sullivan St, Wurtsboro NY 12790. 

Must....touch....everything! Can you feel the energy from the picture?   Photo  here.

Must....touch....everything! Can you feel the energy from the picture? 

Photo here.

Nutz - Wappingers Falls


If you're more of a hippie than a goddess, I say go to Nutz! When I first pulled into the parking lot of this store, I did not believe that crystals were going to be inside! However, they have a huge selection of crystals, singing bowls, smudge sticks, deity figures, and oils - even among all the bongs and pipes (for tobacco, of course). They have a wide selection of incense and candles, tapestries, and everything else you could ever want out of a store. However, if you're like me and you want to touch the crystals before you buy, this may not be the shop for you. Most of their items are locked away. Feeling the energy of the stones is a huge part of the crystal shopping experience, so if you want to tap into that vibe, I would recommend a store that lets you do that instead. 

Photo from yelp. 

Photo from yelp. 

Dreaming Goddess - Poughkeepsie

The Dreaming Goddess is a shop like no others. From one twenty-something-year-old-free-spirit-love-and-light-believer-modern-flower-child to the next, this is the shop to go to!!! They have beautiful clothes (the kind we actually WANT to wear), they carry beautiful crystals, and they offer classes - another store that's not afraid to share their knowledge and light. This store combines the sacred culture behind esoteric practices with a modern twist. They tend to our current culture, but do not allow us to forget the beauty in ancient practices.

Give me ALL the Amethyst! Photo  here. 

Give me ALL the Amethyst! Photo here. 

"We’re creating ceremony relevant to our time and to our culture, allowing these auspicious days to have deep meaning in our lives and in our connection to the Earth. "
- The Dreaming Goddess
Photo here. 

Photo here. 

Sacred sprays, herbs, roots, resins, candles, oils, tumbled stones, raw crystals, exquisite specimens, jewelry, and pottery are just some of the wonderful products offered by this shop. This shop also recycles your old books! Great way to save the trees and spread the love! Another way this shop gives back is by helping build bridges for their customers and an array of charities. Pay it forward, get karma on your side, help one in need, and donate as you shop. 

A metaphysical boutique! A true beauty of a shop. Photo from  yelp . 

A metaphysical boutique! A true beauty of a shop. Photo from yelp

Once again, boho babe, you've found the store for you. You've found the place to build connection with yourself, with like-minded souls, with the beauty of the earth, and with spirit. This is not just a crystal shop, this is a boutique for the modern goddess. 

Located 44 Raymond Ave, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Don't forget to head around the corner to the sanctuary. Info & photo  here. 

Don't forget to head around the corner to the sanctuary. Info & photo here. 

Where to find the best new age, metaphysical, crystal shops in upstate new york; northern new york, western new york, southern new york, central new york, the hudson valley, and the capital region. 

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Thank you for reading! Please keep in touch - let me know how your crystal shopping goes and which of these was your favorite. 

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How to Relax Using Crystals

After a long day, in the middle of a difficult day, before you go to sleep, or before you start your day, it is an excellent idea to put aside ten-twenty minutes to heal your nerves and ease your mind. Whether it's stress, migraines, a racing heartbeat, or worried thoughts - there are crystals that can help you overcome what you are feeling. When you lose your relaxed state, you lose your control. When you lose your control, you give up your power and strength to ego. Sometimes it's hard not to lose your control and your peace of mind. To reenter the state of relaxation and control, however, is easy. 

For Headaches: 

I was able to heal my migraines with this Lapis Lazuli stone. Amazing!

I was able to heal my migraines with this Lapis Lazuli stone. Amazing!

Amethyst, Sodalite, and Lapis Lazuli are my favorite crystals to use for headaches and migraines. There are two quick ways to relieve headaches using one of these three crystals. If you are able to lie down for ten minutes, simply lay comfortably with your arms flat to your sides. Place the crystal of your choice on your forehead (or on your third eye chakra) or hold it in your hands. Close your eyes and take deep breaths - in through your nose, out through your mouth. Your focus should remain on your breathing and on the warm, vibrating energy of the crystal's contact with your skin. Inhale positive energy, exhale negativity. Inhale peace, exhale stress and worry. Inhale serenity, exhale pain. If you are unable to lie down, simply sit with straight posture and do the same. 

For Grounding: 



When the feeling that you are losing all control strikes, you are in dire need of grounding. Some other symptoms include feeling tired or drained, overstimulated and jittery, feeling floaty, misplacing things or being clumsy, feeling like you are stuck in an out of body experience, or not being able to keep track of important things or conversations. Some excellent crystals to use to solve this problem are Smokey Quartz, Black Tourmaline, or Kyanite. Feeling like you are not grounded comes from your root and earth star chakras. Your root chakra is located at the base of your spine and your earth star chakras are located at your feet. The best way to ground yourself and gain back your control is to stand barefoot - especially outside in the grass if you are able to - and hold the smokey quartz in your hand. The way you should be standing is known as "Tadasana" for yogi's. This pose is powerful to practice because it is a helpful way to regain power within itself. You stand tall with your feet apart and arms next to you with your palms facing outward. Wear or hold the crystal you are using. This will center you spiritually and ground you with the Earth. If you are unable to go outside or stand, you can sit upright with your feet touching the floor and take deep breaths holding the crystal you are using. Imagine what is below you - the floor, the grass, the dirt, the earth, all the way deep down to Earth's oldest layers. Now picture the energy from those oldest layers all the way up sending life and vitality all the way up from your toes, through your body, and beaming out of your crown chakra into the sky and then to the galaxy. You are one with the Earth. You are safe. Everything you need is provided for you. 

For Frustration: 

Labradorite (left) and Lepidolite (right) are great crystals for restoring inner peace. The colorful sheen Labradorite offers is enough to distract your mind from all frustration. 

Labradorite (left) and Lepidolite (right) are great crystals for restoring inner peace. The colorful sheen Labradorite offers is enough to distract your mind from all frustration. 

Frustration can be painful - when everything around you is not going as you wish it would. This type of feeling can be caused by people, work, life at home, etc. Some great crystals to use for this are labradorite, moonstone, and lepidolite. Labradorite and Moonstone are especially good for when people bring you down. These are two crystals that protect against energy vampires and will raise you to your higher consciousness - allowing only light and wisdom in and out. Lepidolite is better for stressful situations you may be faced with because it eases transitions. All three of these crystals are excellent stress relievers. The best way to use them is to sit or lie down holding them in your hand. Breathe deeply. Think of what is stressing you out. Channel this into the crystal you are holding and allow the crystal to channel it's energies into you. Remind yourself that other people and events are beyond your control and you should not allow those types of things to frustrate you. Affirm that everything has a way of working itself out. Allow the light of the piece of Earth you are holding to wash away your worries and restore you with the positive, calm energy you need. 

For Worry and Panic: 

Here I hold two Uruguayan Amethysts. The deep purple crystals put me in such a trance. 

Here I hold two Uruguayan Amethysts. The deep purple crystals put me in such a trance. 

Blue Calcite, Carnelian, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, and Aquamarine are the best crystals to use to relax during this kind of trouble. Worry and panic originate in the mind, and can easily be fixed by a change in thought. However, it is very difficult to retrieve thoughts once they slip into the egoic realm of negativity. After the mind is dominated by negativity, other parts of the body can very easily be altered and brought into a terrible state. Blue Calcite can specifically be used to relax the mind and the heart rate. Carnelian is best used to calm scattered thoughts or brain chatter that is not benefiting you and to keep your mind focused on proper action that needs to be taken. Amethyst and Rose Quartz can be used to relieve the mind of negative, worried thoughts and bring your heart and spirit back to a peaceful state. Blue Lace Agate and Aquamarine can be used to relax the mind and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. When you realize you are beginning to worry and panic, and it is too late to create a positive reality for yourself - try this technique. 

No matter where you are or what you are doing, hold one of the crystals listed above in your hand and focus on it. For this kind of problem, it is not necessary to be seated, lying down, or standing - though it may help to physically be relaxed. Close your eyes and bring your attention to the crystal in your hands. Breathe in and out deeply as you feel the crystal vibrate in your hands. Feel the warmth of the crystal spread through your hands. Let the energy of the crystal wipe away any worry in you heart or in your mind. Remind yourself that you are safe, happy, and healthy. 




Part two of today's self-nourishment took place in the sun. I brought out some crystals, laid down a blanket, and prepared myself to meditate. Before meditating, I set up this crystal grid. Crystal grids are a powerful way to manifest an intended goal. My goal today was connection. The center of my grid is a large Amethyst cluster. This crystal was the inside of the grid to assist in connecting with my own inner peace. I surrounded the Amethyst crystal with an even number of Amethyst clusters to help me connect with balance. Inside and outside the circle are bright red begonia petals to help me connect with nature. Connecting with nature is very important - it is what grounds us. Around the Amethyst on the outside are long, white Selenite wands. Selenite is around the outside to help connect with the outside world - to allow angelic and divine guidance and protection. I set my intentions with the crystals and meditated my goals of connection upon this beautiful geometric, colorful grid. 

Today was about nourishment: about getting in tune with my mind, body, and spirit to find what I need. I decided to wear the Rose Quartz that you can find in my etsy shop. Rose Quartz is a crystal I believe everybody should carry. It is the stone of love, nourishment, understanding, and forgiveness. This crystal is often called the mothering crystal for its ability to nourish, comfort, and heal the heart. It provides unconditional love. It works to heal the heart chakra - the green vortex of energy located in the chest. When I wear Rose Quartz, I feel any sadness, anger, or worry leave my body to open room for self-love, love from others, and divine love. Wearing Rose Quartz makes my negative thoughts fade away, as those thoughts will only damage heart and spirit. I wear it as armor to protect my heart from the negativity of others. Conversely, I wear it to empathize, to know where the negativity of others stems from so I can understand their pain and help them heal. This crystal guides me into light and into love. I remember creating this piece in particular; love streamed through my toes from the earth, meeting the universal source of energy in my heart that entered through the gateway of my crown chakra. This energy helped me creates such a loving crystal.


Another way I love to nourish my body is to pay attention to what I consume. Lemon & cucumber infused water is my favorite way to rejuvenate and detox. This mixture contains so many good vitamins and minerals, it brings down blood pressure, it curbs appetite, detoxes, etc etc etc. I can't give this mixture enough praise - no matter how crazy I sound. I added some leftover begonia petals from my grid because they were full of the energy from the crystals and looked so cute floating with the other ingredients. I have a lot of stomach problems, but this mixture always relieves my body for the entire day. Not to mention, I feel revitalized and energized after drinking it. Certain foods can pollute our chakras. Eating clean does not just benefit weight - but can help the way our organs function, the way our mind works and thinks, and the way our emotions behave. Things like red meats, alcohol, fats, and any form of processed food could very easily pollute your spiritual body. It is important to absorb the nutrients of food from the Earth like raw fruits and veggies in order to achieve balance and wellness. Your body is your temple - treat it like it is!